Comets & other drifting bodies

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Austin, TX - (DATE) - Melody Chebrellan is very proud to announce the upcoming release of her debut album, Comets & other drifting bodies, due out April 12th. The album is available for pre-order now by going here. Fans who pre-order the album will receive two instant gratification tracks, "Upside Down" and "Losing Touch." 

Austin-based singer-songwriter Melody Chebrellan isn’t one to mince words when it comes to her lyrics, whose topics run the emotional gamut from self-doubt to self-empowerment, with a refreshing emphasis on real-life, messed-up relationships. On recent single “Who Are You Driving To,” Chebrellan paints the portrait of a woman dealing with the heartbreaking juxtaposition of love and emptiness that comes with being the “other woman” to a married man, prompting KNACK magazine to call Chebrellan “truly a poet” whose “alluring, beguiling” voice is “unexplainably hypnotizing.” 

Comets and other drifting bodies, is an eclectic exploration of the spaces between us and the vastness within us, with hints of the little bits of magic that seek to bridge and fill those unnamable distances. Lead single “Upside Down” closes out the album with a bouncy, airy take on what it is like to feel out of step with your place in the world, yet somehow know that better days are ahead. Watch her whimsical stop-motion music video here. On the other end of the spectrum, lead track “Sometimes” approaches a similar subject with a more subdued, deeply emotional approach, with Chebrellan’s haunting voice calling for help with lyrics like “Remind me it’s worth surviving/ Remind me why I’m striving/ Talk me through this ’til I’m thriving.” 

Elsewhere on Comets, Chebrellan shows the breadth of her songwriting on the album’s eight genre-blurring tracks, experimenting with the dark, swirling waltz of “Whisk Me Away” and the tortured, sultry jazz of “Scattered Dust.” She goes full-on lounge crooner on “I’ll Never Fall Apart”—complete with some playful vocal scatting for good measure—and even throws in a bit of bonafide, guitar-fueled indie-rock on the psychedelic-bordering “Signs.”

The track listing for Comets & other drifting bodies is as follows:

  1. Sometimes

  2. Whisk Me Away

  3. Or You're Not

  4. Scattered Dust

  5. I'll Never Fall Apart

  6. LosingTouch

  7. Signs

  8. Upside Down

Listen to the full album. One-sheet here. For more information:

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