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“Upside Down” artistic and lighthearted fun. ~It’s Not Records

"If you threw the ukulele charm of Ingrid Michaelson, the quirky lyrics of Kimya Dawson, and an impressive female duet into a blender, you probably still couldn’t come out with something as attractive, elegant, and intriguing as this." ~Independent Clauses

"The scenario of this song [Who Are You Driving To] is delectable [...] We think she’s got lots more to offer, and fabulous tales to tell in her future singles." ~comeherefloyd

"This fun female duo,[Little Hermit] made up of Caitlin Cook and Melody Chebrellan, charms their audience with humorous verses (take a listen to The Procrastination Song for instance), while simultaneously giving us a simple and honest description of the fundamental human struggle that is daily life." ~KNACK Magazine, Issue 41


Who Are You Driving To

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